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Accounting for Life

RG & Associates was founded in 2012 with the goal to service closely held businesses and their families with practical business and tax advice at reasonable prices.

Our partners possess big-firm experience and extensive knowledge. We pride ourselves that our clients have direct partner access, and experts in various fields, including tax, consulting and assurance. As business owners who have built a mid-sized accounting firm in just a few years, we have the experience to advise, mentor and relate to our clients because we have been there. We are building a firm just as our clients are building their businesses.

We provide all the services that a larger firm has but at more moderate prices and timely matter. Our vision for the future is to grow our firm while always maintaining the highest level of quality services.

A team that values expertise,
professionalism and friendship.

The team at RG & Associates come from varied backgrounds working for both small and large firms. In our day to day, we strive to create a lively, welcoming atmosphere — working hard while also ensuring a fun, family-friendly environment. As friends and co-workers, we enjoy spending time together outside of the office and support each other both personally and professionally.

Serving hundreds of clients across the United States

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