Molly DeHaanSupervisor

Molly DeHaan is a dedicated and accomplished Accountant at RG & Associates, with a passion for delivering financial excellence. A proud graduate of the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, which has been instrumental in shaping her success in the industry. With a comprehensive background in accounting, Molly excels in payroll management, bookkeeping, and meticulous tax preparation and review. Her expertise extends to both businesses and individuals, encompassing sales tax and audits. Clients value her precision and commitment to ensuring accurate financial management.

Molly’s journey is enriched by her experiences as a military spouse. Married to her husband, an Air Force veteran, they have embarked on adventures across various locations, including Japan, Florida, Utah, and their beloved home state of Nebraska. These diverse experiences have cultivated a deep appreciation for different cultures and perspectives, enhancing her interpersonal skills and global outlook.

As a loving mother to a baseball-loving son, Molly finds immense joy in cheering him on from the sidelines. Beyond the diamond, she embraces her love for travel, golfing, and cherished family moments. Her ability to balance a fulfilling professional career with her passions is a testament to her unwavering dedication and harmonious approach to life.

Molly DeHaan is more than an accountant; she is a dynamic individual who brings both expertise and heart to her work. Her commitment to excellence and genuine compassion for others make her an invaluable asset to clients and colleagues alike.

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